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What our patients are saying about us...

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2010. I have suffered widespread pain since then. I have chemical sensitivity to medications, so I am restricted with what I can take. Gabapentin has relieve the pain somewhat, but I was very limited in movement. It was not until I started the ketamine infusions that I started noticing a drastic reduction in pain. I am able to do so much more physical activity then I previously could without the ketamine infusions, it is amazing.

It doesn’t work a hundred percent, but there has been a drastic reduction in pain level, which allows me to spend more time doing fun things with my family.

Dr. Ball and his staff are remarkable. Dr. Ball is extremely knowledgeable and competent. His nurses and Miss Killeen are very professional and caring. I feel blessed to be able to receive this treatment.


I was very skeptical about something that sounded too good to be true! I went in and had a consult with Dr, Ball. All my questions answered and I was accepted as a patient. I underwent 6 treatments and have not felt better in years. My back pain will never be 100% alleviated but now I can handle what minor discomfort I have! If need be I will return for more. Life is good again!


Dear Dr. Ball,

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the services you provided to me at the Ketamine Infusion Center of Louisiana. As you know, I had been suffering from depression my entire adult life. I have tried numerous treatments and drugs over the years. Some antidepressants did deliver temporary results, but came with many side effects. These drugs left me feeling numb and I was not really able to feel the joys and pleasures of life. Over the years, I became extremely discouraged and I believed depression was something I was just going to have to live with the rest of my life.

When I first read about ketamine infusion, I was skeptical. But after reading about results others were receiving from ketamine, I made the decision to give it a try. At that point in my life I had nothing to lose. I called your office and spoke with Keeleen. She was extremely nice, understanding and professional. I came in and had my initial consultation with you and you were also very informative, understanding and professional. This is extremely important to someone who is suffering from depression.

It has now been over two months since my ketamine treatments. I can truly say that ketamine has been the most effective treatment I have ever received. It has made me feel normal and has changed my life in so many different ways. I can say without hesitation that I don’t feel depressed anymore. I have better relationships with friends and especially my family. I get pleasures out of life which I have never really experienced over a prolonged period of time. Most of my anxiety has also subsided. I do have bad days here and there, but it’s not the same feeling as depression. I know that if I start feeling that I need a booster treatment then I will be calling you.

Ketamine is truly a life altering treatment. Thank you again for your compassion and professionalism. I now have a new lease on life.


I have been battling bipolar depression for about 6 years. At times the meds just don’t work. Luckily Brian Ball and his staff have given me an alternative to my existing regimen. I go to a psychiatrist once a month and also a psychotherapist to maintain my journey to being mentally healthy. Since i have discovered the use of Ketamine for the treatment of depression, I now have an additional tool to my existing routine. The 6 initial infusions brought me from the darkness of deep depression to a much more stable place. Now I go every 4 to 6 weeks to get a booster. I have read that this treatment works differently for each patient. The best way I can describe how this works for me is cleans my mind of the clutter. The treatment kind of “cleans out the pipes”. I recommend Dr. Ball and his office if you are experiencing depression. This could be the answer for you.

F. G.

I have suffered from depression for as long as I remembered. I have tried many of anti-depressants which may have helped for a short time be never ever eliminating my depression completely. I completed a TMS series on trying to subside the depressed feelings. Still dealing with depression and loss of hope I deceided to try Ketamine treatments with Dr. Ball and his staff. Still hoping that relief would come. Did the initial series of 6 treatments during a two week period. Leaving the office on Friday thinking I was going to be one of those that treatment did help me. Usually leave office very tired and feeling that way for a couple of days. What a wonderful surprise to wake up on that Sunday morning and feel like I could go out and conquer the world was a feeling that I never thought I could ever feel again. I spent weeks in amazement of the different outlook I have on life. Still feeling good but having some down moments I went back on the 6th week mark fearing that the booster may not give me back the feeling I had upon finishing the 1st series. I have to say that the booster worked just like the initial treatment and I am actually amazed that I can feel good once again when I lost all hope of ever feeling good. Dr. Ball and his staff are amazing. I would recommend this treatment plan for anyone who has depression that is resistant to treatment.

J. P.

My son is 22 years old. He has a spinal cord disorder which causes considerable pain in his back in his legs. This results in depression which has been severe at times.. His mood has gotten very down at times and his pain and mobility have worsened… He also has tremors of both of his hands- this developed two years ago… He also has neuropathy of his legs and feet… Most of the medications he has been prescribed over the years have made him “feel weird” ( his words) and “tired all the time” in high doses.. The same with many of the antidepressant medications …..As a mother it’s been very difficult and frustrating to watch someone I love so much suffer so much…. I felt helpless, taking him to several doctors over the years to try to help him with his pain and depression also the OCD and anxiety he developed…..These really hindered him from participating in normal activities of life and from time-to-time even reduced his self-care ability; the isolation that comes with these disorders has been heartbreaking.

We live in New Orleans… a friend in Mandeville told me about a magazine article which featured the Ketamine infusion Center …I looked up its website and read many many articles. Since I am an RN with nearly thirty years of acute care hospital experience, I am cautious about therapies and treatments…… However, after researching the use of Ketamine in disorders affecting my son and also being aware of the Decades of safe use of Ketamine, my son’s doctor approved of the treatment and we saw Dr. Brian Ball at the Ketamine Infusion Center…… Dr. Ball thoroughly explained the course of treatment its benefits, and his extensive experience with the use of this medication.

My son did great with the ordered course of Ketamine doses!….. His back pain and neuropathy reduced Significantly! His mood stabilized …the depression and anxiety both decreased a lot!…. After many years of mostly bad days, his days are mostly Good now!..
…..and the Tremors he had for years …they are now 90% resolved!!

The staff of the Ketamine Infusion Center are Great!…they treat the patient and family as they would treat their own family…. The clinic manager arranged every appointment with such ease and patience and was very professional. The nurses are all very experienced RNs and they’re so attentive during the entire infusion. They make my son feel comfortable and monitor him very closely. Dr. Ball was nearby to assess my son before, during, and after the Ketamine infusion. This is a wonderful doctor! We trust him completely…. my son has much anxiety but Dr. Ball was able to make him feel at ease… It’s obvious that this caring devoted doctor’s main goal is to help alleviate suffering. Dr. Ball and the Ketamine Infusion Center have changed my son’s life for the better.

S. B.